Letter: Care For Creation

Environmental protection is not a new concept to today’s society, as   climate science and its validity is being proven more and more everyday. However, there is still frequent opposition to the idea of taking care of and respecting our planet. Too often, this opposition comes from people of faith.  Speaking as a Christian, this resistant attitude deeply troubles and frustrates me. Here in America, Christians are typically thought to only care about two issues– abortion and gay marriage. However, I care about protecting the environment God gave me. This   does not automatically make me a liberal, radical left, tree-hugger. On the contrary, my belief in protecting God’s creation comes from scripture, which tells us that God created the world out of nothing and gave us the responsibility to take care of it. I care about protecting God’s creation, not just to protect plants and animals, but as an act of love for my neighbor. Although the beauty and wonder of plants and animals are major bonuses to our lifestyles, environmental degradation hurts our fiscally poor the most and deeply impacts our economic security and health. Our actions, particularly our dirty energy choices, are defiling what splendor God created and hurting those made in His image.  Looking around at the world, it is clear we could be doing a better job at following God’s command. Mountains are being blown to bits in my backyard, toxic levels of mercury disease our fish populations and water sources are being poisoned from the irresponsible disposal of chemicals. The earth is warming from our rampant burning of fossil fuels.  The consequences of our actions are increasing in severity and cannot be taken lightly. I am calling us to re-check our priorities, as God calls us to be His stewards of the earth.

–Melinda Norris Earthkeepers Co-President


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