Introducing Cook Golding

Rushing in from the bitter cold, you have finally reached the warmth of the cafeteria. You crave something to warm your belly as well, making your way to the hot food line and eyeing the tilapia with lemon sauce in anticipation.

One of the cooks responsible for the beacon of light that is the cafeteria’s hot food is Katelyn Golding. Golding is originally from Vermont, some 600 miles away. She worked in the cafeteria as a student at EMU, and “really liked the management,” so she decided to spend some time after college continuing her work here in Harrisonburg. She began her cook position this fall.

Once Golding arrives at the cafeteria at the start of the day, she sets up the pasta bar and helps prepare the vegetables the staff will be using. Golding shared, “It’s really tiring and it’s also really fun. I feel like I’ve learned a lot about cooking, like what to use. I’m learning a lot of good skills.”

A graduate last spring with a degree in Psychology, Golding has not always wanted to work with food and plans on pursuing work within the disciple of her major. She does enjoy cooking, however, and feels that this is a good in-between job. Golding is a good example of someone who has an open mind about learning things even outside her major.

Golding’s favorite food is chicken, “prepared any way.” Her favorite food to cook is “anything we [the cafeteria staff] do completely from scratch.” She enjoys getting the opportunity to work with fresh vegetables and says that when making food from scratch, “it’s more rewarding to give to the students and they seem to really enjoy it.”

Monica Root, Circulation Manager

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