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Blasphemy and Respect

According to, blasphemy is “Impious utterance or action concerning God or sacred things.” As crazy as it sounds, I was never really that involved with religion. Coming from an un-religious background, I had never given blasphemy a second thought…. Read More ›

Spiderman Questions Traditional Heroes

The Spider-Man franchise recently received a refreshing reboot in “The Amazing Spider-Man,” the newest take on the super-hero’s mythology. Although the previous trilogy that gave Spider-Man a cinematic depiction ended less than a decade ago, Marc Webb’s new interpretation seeks… Read More ›

Friendship With a Republican

I’m friends with a conservative. She is a right-wing, republican voting, supporter of small government, pro-life, non-pacifist, all out conservative.  She is also someone I genuinely respect and care for. For me, being friends with a conservative is a big… Read More ›

A Word from the Co-Editor

The United States has a problem with violent crime. The FBI reports that the violent crime rate was 403.6 per 100,000 people in 2010. Firearms also play into these rates: 68% of murders, 42% of robberies, and 22% of aggravated… Read More ›

Hymn Sing Draws Crowd

It’s Monday night. Take the trek up to Martin Chapel. Step inside the wooden doors and come inside from the wet weather. Continue through the foyer into the makeshift room formed by temporary walls. Survey the small crowd of nearly… Read More ›