Mt. Jackson’s Annual Apple Harvest Bluegrass Festival

The small town of Mount Jackson held its annual Apple Harvest Bluegrass Festival this past weekend.  This festival is a source of funds for many local businesses and organizations, such as the Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, and Search, Inc., an organization committed to working with individuals with developmental disabilities.

Local resident Emerson Swain described the Festival as “a wonderful opportunity for our tiny town to be put on the map, and it helps bring business to all of the stores.”

The Mount Jackson Community takes this festival seriously and has attempted to make it bigger and better every year. During the two days of this year’s festival, there are a variety of activities for all ages; there is always a lot to see.  Community members watched how apple butter is made and put together their own scarecrows. Children had their faces painted and went to the festival’s petting zoo.

Even if you had the disadvantage of parking far away, Shenandoah Caverns provided transportation on their trolley from one end of town to the other.

The next stop for most people was the food carts.  There were many different groups selling a variety of food.  There were the typical hotdogs and hamburgers, but if you wanted to expand your taste buds you could have had homemade jelly, jam, soup, chili, pie, apple cider, and apple butter, as well as pork BBQ, kettle corn, and funnel cakes.

Many of the local residents also sold different crafts and souvenirs such as jewelry, candles, art, woodwork, and baskets. One local artist named Bruce Dellinger drew realistic scenes with his mouth. Dellinger had lost both of his arms in a farming accident. He made it seem so natural that you would have thought he had been drawing with his mouth for his entire life.

This festival plays a very important part in bringing the community together and is a tradition for the town.

Alicia Frye, Staff Writer


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