Prejudiced First Impressions

There are very few remaining acceptable ways to look at someone and judge them instantly. If you judge them based on their gender you are sexist, judge them on their race and you are racist, but if you judge them by their weight- well, that is fine. No, it is not fine to do so vocally, but it is still an acceptable trait to judge someone by. This just does not seem right. It is not for us to judge, yet we find ourselves judging others constantly.

No matter how hard we try to avoid it, we look at people and instantly judge them. This is called first-impression. If they are dressed sloppy and are obese then people assume that they are lazy and eating themselves to death. If they smell like cigarette smoke and are painfully thin people assume that they are smoking and starving themselves to death. No, it is not an acceptable thing to voice these thoughts, but  people still use these first impressions to form an opinion.

This is backwards thinking. Sure, our first impressions may be correct, but even if that is the case, to judge them because of it is wrong. We should never judge another based on their outer appearance, because it says nothing about what is inside them. When these judgments come about is when we encounter problems.

I am obese. I have been judged both vocally and silently since I was a Kindergartener. I was starving myself to try and lose weight by Fifth Grade. When that did not work I started eating even less; by the start of Middle School I was bulimic. Throughout this I kept gaining weight- 100 pounds to be exact. I never ate too much, in fact I was medically considered malnourished until the start of last school year. I have a malfunctioning thyroid that was only diagnosed two years ago. By starving myself and doing other negatives things in regards to eating I messed up my body even more.

I am eating now. I am actually fitting the stereotype of an obese person in that I am eating like a pig. However, by doing this I have lost weight, so I can tell you that the stereotype that people get fat by eating a lot is not entirely accurate since a) I got thinner by eating a lot and b) I got fatter by eating less.

What it comes down to is that everyone’s body is different. Some have a fast metabolism and some have a slow metabolism. To make a judgment based on this is truly asinine. So keep this in mind when you are going about campus and other places in the world: what you see on the outside is an imperfect representation of the person that is dwelling within.

Carrie Wilkie, Copy Editor 

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