Students Participate in First Gonzo Event of the Year

Sex… Violence… Alcohol… Drugs… Very, very bad language! Gonzo was back with its first show of the year. Gonzo is an uncensored theater production that occurs once a month and is open to anyone on campus. The theme this month was marriage.

One thing that makes Gonzo so interesting is the fact that students get to write the scripts. A couple days prior to every Gonzo, there is a flyer put up advertising the theme and encouraging students to participate in acting, directing, and writing.

Anybody can participate. Another ineresting fact is that the directors are given the script only an hour before show time to get prepared for their skits. It makes for an interesting night.

As a tradition, everyone closed their eyes and listened as Michael Bodner, senior, and Joseph Arbaugh, junior, started singing and playing ukulele. The song chosen was “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen. Everybody went crazy and sang along. It was different singing with your eyes closed, you didn’t know who was singing or not. The reason for the event is that people are given the chance to leave in privacy if they feel as though they will be offended.

With the singing done, it was time for the skits to start. There were a variety of skits, ranging from Jersey Shore characters getting married to a couple getting engaged and signing a contract of rules.

“I would say this Gonzo was pretty good compared to other Gonzos,” said Laura Glick, Junior. “It was nice having funny skits as well as a serious skit too, it really mixes things up.”

After a few skits, there was an intermission dance-off. First-year students Chris Bates and Makayla Baker were picked randomly from the audience to come to the dance floor. They were unaware of the dance-off until they were chosen.

Both dancers had the crowd laughing hysterically. The audience then clapped and cheered for their favorite. It was close, but Baker won. She was awarded with a big teddy bear.

Gonzo introduced many new and old faces and caused many laughs. The attendance was poor compared to last year, but it is expected to rise.

“This was a real eye-opener,” said Alicia Frye, First-year. “I expected it to not be so graphic, but I loved it!”

I would love to see a bigger audience at the next Gonzo. I was expecting more people to be there than there actually was. It is a great way to get out one night a month and have fun watching students act and use profane language freely.

Chelsea Harshbarger, Staff Writer



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