Men’s Soccer Falls to Bridgewater in Close Contest

The men’s soccer team put up a great fight on Tuesday night. Before warm-ups even started, the Royals were already beginning to get excited for the big rivalry game against Bridgewater College under the lights.

“I was really looking forward to the opportunity to represent EMU as we took it to the Bridgewater game,” said sophomore Daniel Friesen.

They knew they were ready for this game due to their previous practices and games. The men continued traditions of their game preparation with an overview of their game plans, details of the game, starting line-ups, a motivational speech, and the team prayer they have before each game.

The Royals were off to a good start in the first half and played well on both offense and defense. However, during the first twenty-five minutes of the game, Bridgewater scored a goal.  On-lookers remained hopeful because EMU continued their intense defense to prevent their opponent from scoring again.

When the men came back from the break to jump into the second half, they were determined to tie up the game. A light rainfall added to the feeling of intensity as the clock wound down and neither team was able to score.

The slippery soccer ball was passed back and forth, trapped, and thrown around the turf field for the entire duration of the second half without any scores until the last three minutes.

With two minutes and eleven seconds left of the game, EMU midfielder Mark Mast scored a goal. The fans in the bleachers went absolutely crazy. However, with less than a minute left, Bridgewater scored another goal, disappointing EMU fans and players and making the final score 1-2.

Though the Royals did not take home the victory, they still put up a great fight and their effort made for an entertaining game.

Malika Davis, Photography Editor

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