Blasphemy and Respect

According to, blasphemy is “Impious utterance or action concerning God or sacred things.” As crazy as it sounds, I was never really that involved with religion. Coming from an un-religious background, I had never given blasphemy a second thought. I could appreciate a good religious joke without being offended.

Do not get me wrong, I respect everybody’s religion and I know that people get offended easily, but I do not think it is worth worrying over  someone making a snide comment or joke about your religion. There are enough problems in this world, like hunger and disease, that we should focus on besides pointing fingers at each other and saying, “Other religions are stupid”.

That is just childish, and we as adults, should know better. I believe that all this boils down to one simple word which means a lot to everyone… RESPECT. That is all you have to do; just respect a person’s right to worship however or whoever they want.

Imagine if we could get past our differences of race, religion, and politics. How many wars, arguments, and angers could be avoided? If we could be tolerant, we could make the world a much better and more civil place.

However, I highly doubt that this will  happen. I think we will just continue to disrespect each other; it is sad but true. It can also be said that, “Truth No. 1 is that blasphemy is in the eye of the beholder. One person’s honest critique is another’s blasphemy”(Andrew Walsh).

Just try to understand each other’s viewpoints and do not try and change them. Now that I am here at Eastern Mennonite University, I have learned that people can be respectful to other religions. I just do not understand why the majority of people choose not to. Just because you have the freedom to be disrespectful does not mean that exercising this freedom is necessary or desirable. Civility is not something extra; it is the oil that makes everyday transactions smoother.  So be respectful of the people around you and listen to their side of the story.

Alicia Frye, Staff Writer


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