SFI Holds Farmers Markets Every Satuday Morning

Senior, Taylor Weidman, one of the three coordinators of Sustainable Food Inative plays his guitar outside of the farmers market last Saturday while Bridget Bruea edits the chalk board displaying the prices of the food being sold.

Right next to the Commons every Saturday from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. you can find the Sustainable Food Initiative holding a small farmers market. They sell fruits, vegetables, and some baked goods at reasonable prices. Most of the products they are selling for just a dollar or two.

The fruits and vegetables they sell come from the five gardens (South Garden, Caf Garden, Village Garden, Dogwood Garden, and East Side Garden) that the EMU community harvests. The SFI has two garden coordinators: Sophomores Emma Dalen and Zach Coverdale; however, anyone in the EMU community is able to harvest from the garden as long as they follow simple rules.

When harvesting out of the garden only take what you know you can use. Take only a portion of the crop. Give back to the garden by picking up trash around the garden or weeding. Volunteer and senior, James Souder, says, “I like to enact the values learned in the classroom in a tangible way.”
SFI makes a small profit from the farmers market but that profit goes right back into EMU, when they use the funds to purchase the fruit trees that can be seen around campus. Also, the baked goods that they sell are usually made by people around campus who want to contribute to the market and make a few extra dollars.

One of the three SFI coordinators, Senior Taylor Weidman, encourages EMU musicians to come down and play while the market is set up. Rehana Franklin, First-Year, says, “The market looked very warm and approachable. The layout attracted me right away and I could really appreciate how EMU is selling the food that they grew, at reasonable prices. It really shows how they put their ideas of sustainability to action.”

To access more information about the sustainability on EMU’s campus, contact Director of Marketing and Communications, Andrea Wenger. If you want to join clubs that work with SFI like Earth Keepers contact, Sophomore Melinda Norris or Senior Joshua Kanagy. The information about all of EMU’s clubs, sustainability related or not, are on my.emu.edu with the club’s contact information.

Devin Fore, News Editor

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