How Weather Vane Works

Welcome to another year at EMU, whether it is your first or otherwise. The Weather Vane looks forward to providing interesting and relevant coverage to students here on campus.

Hi, my name is Randi. This is my second year at EMU: last fall I was the Sports page editor for the Weather Vane, and in the spring I co-edited the Shen yearbook and sporadically helped copy edit. I am double majoring in Art and Writing with a minor in Photography, and my first mission as Weather Vane Co-Editor was to redesign the newspaper this summer. I am a big fan of The Who and The Doors.

My name is Joel, I am a senior who has spent all four years at EMU writing for the Weather Vane. I Co-Edited last year and was the Opinion page editor the year before that. I am a double major in History and Peacebuilding and Development. The most interesting work I have done for my major is research on World War II era cartoons. I look forward to developing the Weather Vane further.

The purpose of the Weather Vane is to be the on-campus newspaper, by the students and primarily for the students. To inform the student body of campus happenings and news. To serve as a critique of campus life. To act as the student voice, representing the opinion and conscience of the student body. To provide an arena for students to develop their writing and editing skills. To preserve an historical record for the campus from a student perspective. To have a good time!

The Weather Vane staff is committed to operating according to the principles of honesty, comprehensiveness, impartiality, accountability, reliability, decency, sensitivity, and independence.

The focus of the paper is students, student life, and student achievements. With that, the Weather Vane functions as a normal newspaper. We plan story ideas, report, photograph, layout and edit. Most importantly, the entire process is under student control. Neither faculty nor administrators have any say in determining our coverage, though we strive to conduct ourselves in a manner worthy of our independence. Indeed, the only aspect of the paper wihich is outsourced is the publishing process, done by Narrow Passage Press in Edinburgh, Virginia.

If you have skills or potential you want to add to the Weather Vane, there are different levels of involvement for new writers and photographers. Contributing writers and photographers are on call for extra assignments that are unclaimed. They can also report or photograph newsworthy stories on their own initiative and then submit them for possible publishing. Regular staff writers and photographers come to weekly meetings, help brainstorm content ideas, and claim at least one assignment per week. Staff members then send their content to their respective editor and collaborate to polish material. If you are an experienced writer with mature grammar, spelling, and syntax sensibilities, we are always in need of copy editors who proofread pages before they are sent to the printer.

Tuesday workshops are led by the newspaper adviser, Kirsten Beachy, at 5p.m. Editing, writing, reporting, critiquing, proofreading, and photographing development will all be covered throughout the semester. They are required for work study and practicum students. Wednesday planning meetings are the most crucial for anyone getting involved in the Weather Vane. We meet in the basement of Maplewood at 6p.m. to plan out the following week’s issue, discuss story ideas, and claim assignments.

Randi Hagi and Joel Nofziger,
Co-Editors in Chief


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