First-Year Expectations

I do not expect any five-star dining experience, but I do expect many fun and exciting experiences in my first year of college. I am not walking onto campus inspecting every guy around me and finding out who is hot or not. And I’m not going for the whole “I am in a new area, so I’m a completely different person now” angle.

There are many students on campus with the perspective that they can change who they are and want to be.  I am trying to stay loyal to who I am and what my background is, but I am also willing to reach out and meet new people from all over the world.

There are many people from many places, and it’s amazing to see how their expectations are met by having a safe environment and being able to connect to others since they are able to be themselves. What does it mean to be true to one’s self? There are many roads we can travel down with this idea.

Where you came from, what you have experienced, who you believe in, what makes you happy: all these things make you, you. These qualities effect how you see life and the world. These also affect your expectations and what you want in life.

My expectations have been met with the opportunities we have in our classes to really learn and increase our knowledge in our majors.

I am really excited to experience a completely new atmosphere. There are many other students on campus who are looking forward to taking classes that are exciting and relate to their personal interests.  They expect to take a large part of the knowledge that they gain in their majors at EMU into their future personal careers.  Many students even expect to gain experience in life during their stay at EMU.

Many first-year students may not even come into school with expectations. They have a completely different view than those with many expectations; for example, a person without expectations may learn how to be content with the cards they have been dealt.  Without any expectations, the cafe may start to look like a five star dining experience, and every expererience may become a life lesson.

I know many of us first-years have a lot of expectations, but I don’t want my expectations to blind me to what is actually good on campus.  I don’t want to turn away from great things because they don’t meet my preconcieved notions.  I don’t want my expectations to ruin my first-year experience.

Alicia A. Calkins,
Staff Writer

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