Dr. Vanessa Ochs Slated to Kick Off Interfaith Forum

How much do you know about Judaism? Whether you have a vast amount of knowledge or just heard the word “Judaism” two seconds ago Dr. Vanessa Ochs, Ph .D. in Anthropology of Religion, is thrilled to be able to provide education on the topic at the forum being held Thursday, September 13.

Organized by EMU’s Center for Interfaith Engagement, the gathering will occur in the Strite Conference Room at 4:15, preceded by refreshments.

“We really want EMU undergrads to know that no matter what profession they go into, they will rub shoulders with people of other faiths,” said Gretchen Maust, Associate Director of CIE. “It’s important for everyone to have knowledge about encountering other faiths so that they can be comfortable in those situations.”

“We offer these opportunities so that people do not feel vulnerable about their beliefs,” added Dr. Ed Mar- tin, Director of CIE. Together, Maust

and Martin expressed their excitement upon inviting a female scholar to lead the forum. This a rare occurence due to the amount of available male scholars in these fields..

“Dr. Ochs is a well-known scholar of Judaism, and she is dynamic and expressive,” explained Martin.

On Thursday, Ochs will be discussing specifically “The powerful influence that the women’s movement in America has had in Judaism” and the ways that we can cooperate together to work against inequalities.”

“Students should come because we need to work together across our traditions,” said Dr. Ochs. “We learn strategies from each other and encourage each other to persevere when we get frustrated or feel despair about the possibility of making meaningful change.”

No matter your faith back- ground, current beliefs, or skepticism, the Center for Interfaith Engagement extends the invitation for you to come to the table and drink deeply of ecumenical fellowship.

-by Lauren Sauder, Sports Editor

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