Celebrating LHM at EMU

¡Feliz mes de la herencia Hispaña! Happy Hispanic Heritage Month! Beginning Sept. 15th and ending on Oct. 15th, Latino Heritage Month is a celebration of American Citizen’s Hispanic ancestry.

The observation of Latino culture started in 1968 under President Lyndon Johnson when he established the Hispanic Heritage week. Under President Ronald Reagan, the original week was extended to a month. Sept. 15 is significant because it corresponds with the independence days of Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua. Mexico celebrates its Independence day on the 16th of September.

The month can be used as a plat- form to inform and honor the influence and accomplishments of the countless Latinos and Latinas in our society. Exhibits, festivals, and parades will decorate cities, towns and campuses, all showcasing the food, music, arts, stories and history of various Latino Americans.

This month, whether you have a touch of Hispanic heritage or not, take the time to participate in the National Latino Heritage Month with these upcoming events on EMU’s campus.

This upcoming Saturday, CAC and the Latino Student Alliance (LSA) will show “No Turning Back” at 9 p.m.

“No Turning Back” follows a Mexican English teacher, Pablo Fernandez, played by Jesús Nebot, who moves with his daughter to America illegally after his wife’s death. In California, he begins working as a tomato picker at a large plantation. Life becomes even more difficult for Fernandez when he accidently runs over and kills an American woman.

Directors Julia Montejo and Jesús Nebot, use Fernandez’s story to present and comment on the various complex and charged issues facing contemporary immigrants.

This coming Monday at 12 p.m., LSA is holding a luncheon in the President’s Reception Room in the Univer- sity Commons. It is open to the public. Take the chance, get out of the cafete- ria, and enjoy some delicious homemade food.

The following Wednesday, Sept. 19, the Chapel service will be headed by Pastor Juan C. Malvaez of Harriosonburg’s Manantial de Vida Mennonite Church, under the title, “Mi Casa Es Su Casa.” (For those who are completely inept at Spanish: “my home is your home.”) Hosted by LSA, the chapel is sure to be a wonderful way to celebrate the Latino voice in our community. A coffee break with “Latino coffee and bread,” will immediately follow.

Without the influence and impact of the Latino community, the United States would not be the great mixture of cultures it is today.

With diversity as one of the stron-gest assets of a society, take time this following month to experience an aspect of the Latino community, celebrating Latino Heritage Month on campus.

-By Devon Fore, News Editor

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