CAC Hosts A Rousing Evening Of Capture The Flag

Running to preserve his freedom in Capture the Flag, Andrew Mead, First-
Year, scampers into the shadows, eluding his cometition, for now…

Last Saturday night, the student body came together for an intense capture the flag game. Participants were running all over campus in hopes of finding the flag hidden by the opposing team.

After over an hour, the first game did not have a winner and the whistle sounded for a new game to begin. During that first hour, many people were escorted to jail, broke out, and chased all around the boundaries of the play- ing field.

However, during the second game, things began to change. Participants began playing more aggressively and competitively. Everyone left their fears on their own sides as they began looking for the flag, and in the end, the champions claimed their triumph.

Sophomore Isaac King played for the entire duration of the game. “I was ecstatic to start an epic game of stealth, speed, and coordinated teamwork to win the match. The adrenaline pumping through my veins allowed me the strength and endurance to catch the trespassers on my side and evade the potential captures across my lines,” King said. As he brought the flag home to the other side, King helped the red team win the second and final game of the night. “Seeing their crushed faces as they realized that defeat was inevitable, I brought victory home to the red team,” King said.

Campus Activity Council (CAC) has been running Capture the Flag for a number of years now. Although last year it was not run through CAC, that did not stop them from coming back to tradition and organizing this event again.

Senior Cody Walker has been involved in Capture the Flag for a number of years. “The planning entailed just a few of us sitting beside each other on the way back from [the CAC] retreat and talking about it. We have little committees for each event, which usually has one leading and a few people helping plan,” Walker said.

Though he was running the game, he was still able to get involved and actually play in the game. “The most memorable moment was probably when half of our team was in jail and someone tried to save us. The guy was surrounded by at least five to six people, but somehow made it out. We all cheered like 49er football fans after he escaped,” Walker said.

Despite the rain from earlier on that day, the students still thoroughly enjoyed this interactive game. Memories were made, new friends were formed, and the student body was able to come together for a couple of hours for a fun evening of competition.

-By Malika Davis, Photo Editor

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