“Pocket Vinyl” Concert Meshes Painting with Funk Music

Better known as “Pocket Vinyl,” Eric Stevenson performs a piano concert while wife Elizabeth Jancewicz paints in Common Grounds.

Students were curiously greeted by a keyboard and a painting easel at 8 p.m. Tuesday night in Common Grounds.

Around 8:15, the married couple calling themselves “Pocket Vinyl,” Eric Stevenson and Elizabeth Jancewicz, came on stage and explained that they have been on a two month tour: Stevenson plays the keyboard and sings, while Jancewicz’s paints a picture on site for about an hour. Jancewicz did not know what she would be painting, but her painting would be auctioned off that night.

Jancewicz began using a paper towel to paint the edges of the canvas blue while Stevenson played an upbeat, original melody on the keyboard.

More blue filled in the canvas as the songs went on. At times Stevenson got very loud when singing, and played surprisingly both low and high notes on the keyboard. One of the lyrics I caught was, “I cut my wings with pliers.”

Stevenson sometimes even stood up and banged his head to the rhythm of his songs. It certainly kept everyone’s attention, especially as a live performance. This was probably not the kind of music I would listen to for relaxation, but it was fresh and passionate.

At one point in the evening, Stevenson explained that he has written two love songs: One “by accident” and one “on purpose.” I  especially enjoyed the love song Stevenson wrote “on purpose,” in which he incorporated a harmonica.

In response to Stevenson’s unique voice and music, it was eventually evident that Jancewicz had painted the outline of three birds, which she filled in with yellow paint with a paintbrush. It was fun to be a part of the process of Jancewicz’s art as it took form. However, Stevenson’s music sometimes seemed to clash with the peaceful process of Jancewicz’s painting.

With more time, it was evident that there was a human face above one of the birds. Zancewicz’s painting turned out to be an angel child riding on one of the birds, with pretty white designs on a blue background. It was awesome.

Senior Whitney Miller found the concert “interesting. It wasn’t the kind of music  [she and her friends] were expecting, but it was good.”

The couple was open to talking to students after the concert about Jancewicz’s artwork and their overall performance. Many admirers came to take a closer look at the painting.

I got to speak with Stevenson for a bit. When I asked him what his favorite part of the process was, he answered, “[Being] with  my best friend who I weirdly never get tired of.”

For a couple so clearly in love and with a passion for art and music, it is no wonder they both enjoy what they do and are successful at it.

Stevenson and Jancewicz quite enjoy touring. “We never get tired of being on the road,” he said.Stevenson and Jancewicz’s performance left a fresh, original impression on the audience. It was a unique event.

-Monica Root

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