Easter: More Important?

Unlike Christmas, which is always celebrated on December 25, Easter Sunday does not land on the same date every year. Determined by the Jewish calendar, Easter is the Sunday after Passover or Good Friday.

For everyone who considers himself or herself a Christian, the Sunday after Good Friday celebrates the resurrection of Christ after He was crucified.

The Easter holiday is not nearly as elevated as Christmas. Christmas, a season that saturates and embellishes the homes of millions of Americans, is almost impossible to escape. One of my favorite places to go over Christmas is Eastern Tennessee. The town, the streets, and the stores are adorned with red and green Christmas attire.

Every street post has a lit-up snowflake or mistletoe leaf. The grass strip separating the four-lane parkway depicts the 12 Days of Christmas in a giant  light display over the course of a couple of miles. Dollywood decorates the entire theme park in over four million Christmas lights. Although I have never been there over Easter, I can confidently say that I am sure no other holiday even comes close to what is put up over Christmas.

Easter and its multitude of songs and decorations still does not compare to the hype Christmas receives. In one sense, the grandeur of Christmas yields it of more importance than Easter. Yet, in another sense, perhaps Easter is the more considerable of the two, in this regard. While Christmas marks the birth of Christ, it still allows for those who do not believe in the Incarnate Messiah to celebrate the birth of this “Jesus.” With Easter, that is not the case.

Easter commemorates Christ’s resurrection from the dead. It is in this event, this holiday, around which Christianity revolves. If Christ had not risen from the dead, then there is no basis for our faith. Salvation is affirmed on the belief that God did indeed rise from the dead.

Christmas and Easter go hand-in-hand, with Easter by far more religiously important. It is on Easter that we as Christians receive deliverance from ultimate death. Why, then, does Easter go so unnoticed?

I urge you this Easter to take time away from the family gathering, holiday feast, sports game, or whatever you are doing, and reflect, pray, and remember why you are even celebrating this “Easter Sunday.”

-Courtney Ryan

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