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“State of the Union” – through my lens

February 6th, 2008 – by Laura

Last night I had the incredible opportunity of being in the Capital while the State of the Union Address was being given. It is definitely something that I won’t soon forget. I was nervous on my walk to Statuary Hall, there were a lot of things running through my mind. Some of them was, “what if I see Obama or Hillary and I don’t get a good picture?!?” I think there are times when I get myself to worked up and make myself to nervous. My walk from the Press Photographers Gallery to Statuary Hall consisted of going down old Marble stairs, there are indentations from where many people have walked before. I then turned right and then an immediate left down the “Ohio clock corridor.” It is called that because there is a very large, close to 8 or 9 feet tall, clock that is called the Ohio Clock. I then made a right and made the long walk from the Senate side of the Capital to the house side. When I made it to the Rotunda I encountered a lot of security. Every security guard asked to see my press pass before letting me move 10 feet to the next security guard, who did the exact same thing. I finally made it to Statuary Hall where I began the wait for the “important people” to make their way to the address.

The evening was filled with photographing some of the US’s most famous politicians, including Obama and Hillary. Hundreds of people passed me dressed in their finest attire, sparkling dresses and neatly pressed suits. The State of the Union brought out all the best. But, when I was left I was reminded that “the best” in people doesn’t always extend to the rest of the world. I went from being surrounded by millionaires to being surrounded by homeless people outside Union Station. That definitely was a switch I wasn’t expecting to encounter. It is just a nice reminder of all the help the world still needs.

Andrew Gascho