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September 17th, 2012 – by Sheldon C. Good

In an effort to streamline our communications, we will now be sharing student updates, photos, etc. on our Facebook page more than on this blog. Please browse and even share our Facebook posts, which are meant to give you a “sneak peek” into what WCSC is really all about!

Fall 2012: What we’re up to!

September 5th, 2012 – by Sheldon C. Good

To use DC parlance, this is our “inaugural” post of the fall 2012 semester…

We are excited to have 14 students from EMU and Bluffton University living, studying and serving with us this fall!!

The students spent their first four days last week getting oriented to DC. They have now started their internships and had their first seminar class yesterday.

Here are some photos from last week’s walking tour led by professor Doug Hertzler. The group explored the Brookland neighborhood in which they live, Catholic University of America (nearby) and the Franciscan Monastery of the Holy Land in America (nearby).

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