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July 6th, 2010 – by wssms663


5 WCSC students + 2 Mennonite hymnals + the Chinatown Metro stop at rush hour = $28 and a great time!

This week after seminar on Wednesday afternoon, several of us (Kelly, Sarah, Mike Bruner, Steven and I) decided to go busking — making music on the streets for money.  We had sung a few hymns together over the weekend, and thought it would be fun to see if we could get paid for it!

So we staked out the perfect spot, under an awning over the entrance to the Chinatown Metro, a popular stop at rush hour.  The five of us stood in an arc next to the escalators, hesitating and nervous at first, but eventually we all got into the music.  After a song or two we put out a hat and slowly started getting dollars and change from passersby.  We sang popular hymns like “Amazing Grace” and “Be Thou My Vision” as well as more upbeat songs like “Hamba Nathi” and “Over My Head” from Sing the Journey.  The most popular ones were those we knew by memory, as we were able to engage better with our passing audience.

A number of people said things like, “God bless you,” as they passed, and many smiled and thanked us as well.  After an hour and a half of singing, we collected our $28.23 and treated ourselves to frozen yogurt from Tangysweet!  It was a successful and fun experience overall, and we hope to do it again sometime!

-Elizabeth Speigle

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