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Spring 2010 Student Updates

January 29th, 2010 – by Emily Benner

During seminar on Wednesday, each student gave an update on their internship experience so far.

Grace: Peace Activist, Colman McCarthy – Colman arrived late to teach his inner city high school peace class, so Grace jumped up and started engaging them in a discussion about their passions.

Fetsum: Asian American LEAD (after-school program) – One of his students rejected the other intern’s offer to check his homework because, he said, “Mr. Fetsum is a teacher.”

Christa: Teen Center at LAYC: Helped with tutoring, made fliers and PowerPoints for the teen center programs this week.

Andrew: Community IT Innovators – 5 servers went down in one day, so Andrew got to observe his coworkers handling some tricky public relations situations.

Jasmine: Capitol Hill Group Ministry – “I learned how to give a surprise drug test.” Jasmine made a bunch of home visits to families and individuals with HIV, mental illness, and/or substance abuse problems.

Bryan: Servant-Leadership School – About 40 people showed up for the opening of the 2010 Servant Leadership classes, including EMU grad Rebeca Barge and other DC volunteers.

Sanjay: Promotores (Mentorship) Program of LAYC – One of the kids receiving services is preparing to go to jail for the next year. On Friday Sanj has been invited to participate in a conference on gang violence.

Lindsay: American National Standards Institute – Lindsay has been updating a Wiki about trade in China and India and polishing the Chinese-English translation of an important report.

Jess: Interfaith Immigration Coalition – She finds herself comparing this internship to her previous internship experience. She feels she’s making a more significant contribution, but the work itself is more mundane.

Corrie: DC Rape Crisis Center – Helped to run a Women’s Power group–the highlight of her internship so far.