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Whitney Hinshaw Practices Spanish at National Rehab Hospital

August 7th, 2009 – by Emily Benner

Today, I had a patient who was a below the knee amputee. He was from Mexico and his main language was Spanish. However, he is also pretty good at speaking English. While, I was helping change his dressing on his leg, he asked me if I knew any Spanish. I told him that I knew a little and he began saying some things in Spanish. Surprisingly, I understood some of the things he was saying and responded back to him. We had a little conversation in Spanish and that completely changed his mood. He started smiling and laughing. I think it was comforting for him to hear some Spanish and I am glad to know that I made his day a little better.

City living is going really well also. On Monday, the house went out to dinner at a Mexican Restaurant. It was really fun because we all were able to bond and hang out. Although the food wasn’t that great, the company was!

I also really enjoyed the retreat. At first, I was skeptical of how this would help bond the house together. However, I feel that we all have grown together and really strengthened our relationships. Plus, the retreat was really fun. I enjoyed being away from the city for the weekend and doing outdoor activities.

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