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Rob Alderfer Bumps into Nancy Pelosi (Interning at Faith & Politics Institute)

August 7th, 2009 – by Emily Benner

This past Friday I was able to attend the all day board meeting that takes place twice each year. This was a great experience and I like several aspects. The first was just getting to enjoy the Capitol building early in the morning while some familiar faces came in to work. While I was manning my post, waiting for board members to lead on to our designated room, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi walked right past me with her secret service detail. I don’t get star struck in D.C., but I did text my Mom right away because she likes to hear about that sort of thing. The actual meeting was dry sometimes and more interesting at other points. I sat a few seats away from U.S. Ambassador Thomas Graham, who I appreciate on more than one level. His work is primarily with nuclear non-proliferation, and he was involved with the SALT Treaty and SMART and SMART II after the Cold War. He also has a quick, dry wit, and doesn’t spend much time on picking apart the boring details of the Institute. I decided that I like his style.

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