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Matt Gillis, photography intern for DC United soccer team and Washington Life Magazine

August 7th, 2009 – by Emily Benner

My photos from this weekend were a success.  Everyone in the office says “good job” and “I like your photos” as I walk down the halls.  I have shot a few photos that will work for one of our promo ideas.  At the end of June, I will be able to go around town with a few of the players. I am catching all of the important moments of the game and my sports photos are improving every game. I don’t feel out of place down on the field and I am comfortable shooting everything. I shot trainings and community events this week. A bunch of players went to the Children’s Hospital and signed balls and visited with the children. I got good photos to document it as well as the children really enjoying the players’ company. While I was at the hospital, one of the main web editors was saying how my photos were good, and that the budget is down, but next year when the budget goes back up they want to hire a photographer. I hope that I would get the job offer if they are looking for a full-time photographer.

I went to shoot an event with Washington Life this week. There were a few of the judges there, and some famous people. I went around and shot photos of people from the event. I am realizing I really don’t like the style of shooting for Washington Life Magazine. There is no creative style or element to it. They just want snapshots of people. It would be really nice to help break their mold and shoot more photo journalistically in the future.

Overall I am slowly learning and gaining experience. I think my photos need to improve on the tailgate of fans before the game. But now I know what I need to do. I need to stay till the end of the tailgate and shoot photos of the face painting and last minute preparations for the game.

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