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Jason Godshall’s Adventure-Filled Family Visit!

August 7th, 2009 – by Emily Benner

Friday and Saturday my family was visiting me from Pennsylvania. They went to the National Zoo while I was at work then I met up with them after I was finished. We ended up going to Georgetown for dinner to Bangkok Bistro, a Thai restaurant that did not impress anyone from my family.

On Saturday we started the day off by heading down to the Aquatic Gardens. My dad and brother enjoy gardening and keeping our fish pond in our backyard so the Aquatic Gardens were right up their alley. A little after we arrive it started to rain, then pour, and then thunder and lightning. One lightning strike was extremely close, so close that my whole family and another nearby family all felt shocks on our fingers and backs from the lightning. That was a scary experience; I had never felt that in my life.

Next on the itinerary was the Corcoran Gallery which happened to be free that Saturday! On our way to the Corcoran we stopped in front of the White House which was a very hopping area full of tourists taking pictures. I am not sure but at one point the police made everyone get off of the side walk and they closed it down. As they were doing so we saw security and possibly snipers appear on the lawn and the roof. Soon the sidewalk open again a new group of tourists gathered.

There was a really interesting expedition on display at the Corcoran called Systematic Landscapes. This expedition was made up of multiple sculptures of hills and bodies of water, some made out of layers or plywood, some made out of two by fours, and some made out of wire.

My parents were very impressed with Eatonville and greatly enjoyed the food and the service. I was fortunate to have Andy Shallal, the owner, in the restaurant so I could have him meet my parents.

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