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Whitney’s Reflections after Learning about WCSC Founder, Nelson Good

August 7th, 2009 – by Emily Benner

Long After I’m Gone by Deborah Good with Nelson Good was a memoir about

the life of Nelson Good and how it was interpreted by his daughter, Deborah. This book was very interesting because it helped me learn more about the Washington Community Scholars Center and the Rolling Ridge Retreat Center. This book really helped me to appreciate the program more. Before reading his book, I was not aware of whom Nelson Good really was, and I feel that his opened my eyes to parts of his life. I especially liked the part where it talks about the Rolling Ridge Retreat Center and all of the work that Nelson put into this program. I also really enjoyed reading about the WSSY/WCSC program and how it all started by a small idea that Nelson had and how it has grown into a full and thriving program. It makes me appreciate this house that we live in more and the things that we are studying in class.

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