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Anacostia River Canoe Trip, by Alyssa Borucki

August 7th, 2009 – by Emily Benner

After watching the movie about the Anacostia River, I was quite disgusted by the way people treat this body of water. This river is an important part of the culture of the community, slowly getting stomped on due to pollution. I learned that people’s sewage goes into the river, along with things from storm drains, store run offs, and a dump site for companies. I was not looking forward to the canoe trip down this trash infested river.

I was very surprised by my surroundings when we started our trip down river. The river was kind of gross, but there was not as much trash as I was expecting from seeing the movie. This trip was a relaxing time to see a side of the suburbs of DC and get closer connections with housemates. I think having the race between the four canoes was the most fun I’ve had with our group, laughing and being silly. Granted, we’ve had way too many laughs with crazy stories, but it was just a fun experience exploring the waters. Even though the canoes were really spread out I took the time I had to truly get to know two housemates I have had very little one on one time with. Mattie and I canoed with John and Will, who we also drove with, and had some good conversations.

I was really pleased on what I got out of the trip learning about the locus flowers; water lillies, the invasive magenta plants, how to canoe, how the river was used before this century, and how to enjoy nature even if it isn’t at its best primped stages and all glamed up.

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