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Courtney Miller on Community and Dance Place

October 30th, 2008 – by Emily Benner

The main thing I got from reading [Widening the Circle] was that community is very important, but is something that our culture really doesn’t value anymore….It gives the comparison of community to food. I thought that this was a great analogy because (being Mennonite) the most popular activity in my communities is…eating. The author mentions how “When people in community have their own individual food “stashes” or personal preferences which are indulged privately, it sooner or later leads to isolation and separation from others, whereas sharing food, and agreeing on dietary guidelines brings people together.”

against hip-hop dance. Rennie really makes his audience think….This past weekend was a very big weekend for Dance Place. Saturday was the big fundraiser benefit. We had a tribute to hip-hop artist Rennie Harris. His performance was brilliant. From watching him up on stage he put so much in his dance. Through his work he told stories from his life and after the performance he told the audience a little about his traveling hip hop company. He told of the stereotypes that are often heldI’m thrilled to have the chance to work with and see so many talented artists. I’m beginning to feel at home at Dance Place.

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