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Rebecca Yoder: Festivals and Thoughts on Group Life

October 1st, 2008 – by Emily Benner

On Saturday I went to the Arts on Foot Festival in Chinatown and on Sunday I went to the Adams Morgan Festival. I really enjoyed both days–especially watching dancers and listening to their music….I love having endless opportunities of things to do on the weekend. It was also great to be able to spend the day without having to spend money (other than transportation).  I also love how easy it is to get around the city.

I really enjoyed [this week’s reading for Doug’s seminar]. At first I wondered why we waited until the fourth week to read something about intentional community. Then I thought about how the reading made more sense now because we have had a chance to see what living in community is really like. [Something] we all have in common is that we yearn for relatedness and wholeness. Yet…the majority of Westerners live in separation and isolation….In some ways I didn’t identify with what Hogeland was writing, [but] I am in fact very Western when it comes to entertainment. [With friends, I] like to go out to eat, watch movies, go shopping, or play video games.  I really liked how Hogeland stated that entertainment should rejuvenate us and relationship is a key ingredient in entertainment. I had never thought about that before but it made perfect sense. When I go out to coffee with friends and catch up on everything, I feel much more rejuvenated then when we sit and watch a movie. I am excited for this semester and how we will choose to entertain ourselves in the city.

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