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Emily Derstine: Moonlit Yoga and the Purpose of Church

October 1st, 2008 – by Emily Benner

WATER sponsors yoga on the national mall once each month to celebrate the full moon, so this week I attended the first one that took place this fall. [I went] with three other women: a young woman in her 20s, one woman in her 50s, and a Catholic nun who is in her 80s. It was a wonderful group with which to reflect, share, and stretch in silence, in the light of the moon.

The book Doing Justice by Dennis Jacobsen was an informative book for me….I appreciated the faith-based component of Jacobsen’s form of community organizing….Too many Americans, in my opinion, are unfazed with the condition and horrors of the world: the extreme inequity, the poverty, the hunger that faces so many of the world’s people….The church’s role is not to solely increase membership, but to respond to the needs of hurting people, to proclaim God’s Kingdom, and follow Jesus’ teachings….The church exists for those outside its walls.

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