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Diana Terry Part 2

September 19th, 2008 – by Emily Benner

Diana Terry

My internship at DC Jobs with Justice is more than I could have ever asked for. They are seriously training me to be a community organizer. There is no administrative work or busy work. All the tasks they give me have a purpose to better serve the community. Right now I am organizing an on site ESL training for Spanish speaking day laborers on the corner of Home Depot where they gather to picked up by contractors for work each morning and rallying volunteers, so far I have 6!! I’m so excited.

Ruth, one of my supervisors, she takes me to protests and has taught me so much. I’m sure she wants to elbow me in the face sometime because I feel like I ask a “ba-zillion”
questions. I must add that after just a year at EMU in the JPCS program, I am honored to say how well equipped I feel “out in field”. The resources that I have gathered and the oppurtunities I took advantage of allows me to feel a certain level of comfort and confidence needed in this field. So thank you EMU for empowering me!

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