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My Semester in WCSC

December 4th, 2007 – by Laura

by Sarah Roth

My experience in the WCSC program has been incredibly stretching. I have transformed into a more cultured person and been exposed to the polarities of the city, from public housing neighborhoods to elite receptions on Capitol Hill.

I had such a comprehensive educational experience; learning about race, economic and social division, politics and relationships in the Congress.

I truly learned through immersion, and I believe this is the most ideal way to learn. My internship with The Faith & Politics Institute has led me to amazing opportunities.

Not only have I had the chance of meeting influential people like Hillary Rodham Clinton or congressman and civil rights luminary John Lewis, but I have been given a sneak-peek into the relationships on Capitol Hill.

The indescribable energy that is present is a learning experience in itself, and I feel I can own my beliefs and put an educational basis behind my views and opinions.

I have been challenged to uncover the social and political issues I am passionate about and search for ways to further these issues in our society.