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Social work and restorative justice

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Social Work and Restorative Justice:  Skills for Dialogue, Peacemaking and Reconciliation, edited by Elizabeth Beck, Nancy P. Kropf and Pamela Blume-Leonard (Oxford University Press, 2011), is an important collection of essays on this subject. It will be of interest to both social work and restorative justice practitioners.  The following is the Afterword that Lorraine Stutzman… Read more »

Hip-hop justice

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“The American criminal justice system is so dysfunctional that it presents well-intentioned people with a dilemma.  Should good people cooperate with it?” Paul Butler should know whereof he speaks:  he is a former federal prosecutor. Speaking of prison, he says, “The criminal justice system gives the state a monopoly on exercising that kind of retribution. … Read more »

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We have been using FeedMyInbox to alert readers to new posts, but it has not proven very reliable.  We are now switching to Google’s Feedburner. To receive email alerts, click on “E-mail” under “Subscribe” on the right. If you have been getting the alerts from FeedMyInbox, you can can remove that service by unsubscribing when… Read more »

Restorative re-entry

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According to the National Reentry Resource Center, three quarters of a million state & federal prisoners were released in 2008 and this number is expected to grow. The obstacles to successful re-entry faced by these ex-prisoners are staggering. Some years ago Madison Area Urban Ministry developed a simulation exercise and a video to help us… Read more »

Full-spectrum peacemaking

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If you want to read about conflict resolution, you have an abundance of choices.  Similarly, there is a large and rapidly growing literature on restorative justice, on non-violent activism and on peacemaking in general.   Numerous books analyze violence and its roots as well as the dynamics of power and privilege.   Few attempt to bring these… Read more »

Photography at the healing edge

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In previous posts I have discussed ways photography often contributes to “othering” and, conversely, the power it has to bring people together.  A new organization, the International Guild of Visual Peacemakers, began as a group of photographers and designers “devoted to peacemaking & breaking down stereotypes by displaying the beauty of cultures around the world.” … Read more »

Restorative justice, mediation and ADR

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Restorative justice (RJ) is often associated with mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).  I was reminded of this at the Conference of the European Forum for Restorative Justice in Bilbao, Spain, this spring.  Victim offender “mediation” was the practice most commonly mentioned and the lines between ADR and restorative justice often seemed unclear. Confusion about… Read more »

Taking stock of the restorative justice field

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In their book Restorative Justice Dialogue:  An Essential Guide for Research and Practice, Mark Umbreit and Marilyn Amour offer the equivalent of a state-of-the-union address for the restorative justice movement: a comprehensive overview and a stock-taking of the field as it has developed, as it currently exists, and what lies ahead.  The timing is excellent…. Read more »


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People have been asking whether I plan to retire in the near future. It’s a fair question: I turn 66 this July and indeed have been making noises about doing so. But retirement doesn’t quite fit my vision for the next year, nor does it fit my current plans. I intend to continue with the… Read more »