Jason Marner

July 1st, 2010

Jason Marner
The EMU community was deeply saddened to learn of the sudden death of 2010 graduate Jason Marner on July 1 due to a motorcycle accident. Jason had recently returned from EMU cross-cultural study in New Zealand and had just begun a position with Dynamic Aviation in Bridgewater, Va., on Monday, June 28.

Jason was “well loved by his peers and faculty” in the business and economics department, according to Tony Smith, his faculty advisor. Smith noted that Jason had a promising career in aviation management ahead of him. Share your reflections, prayers and memories here for all those who mourn Jason’s loss. EMU sends prayers and love out to Jason’s family in Brighton, Iowa.

44 Responses to “Jason Marner”

  1. Crystal Andus,

    Sorry for the loss. My thoughts and prayers are with Jason’s family and friends.

  2. Jenny Hochstetler,

    I remember being assigned to the same chapel row as Jason my first semester at IMS. I didn’t know many people and was nervous about making friends, but my fears were soon relieved as I sat down next to Jason. He was friendly, made me laugh, and was the first person to truly make me feel welcome in a new school. His laughter was infectious, and I appreciated the way he was so easy to talk to. Even when we hadn’t seen each other for months, it always felt like we were just picking up the conversation from where we’d left off. Jason, I feel honored to be one of the many people able to call you friend. You will be dearly missed.

  3. Jon Taylor,

    I worked with Jason his first day in the hangar here at Dynamic Aviation and showed him around a bit. He had already worked here on the business side of things and had gone on some trips as a pilot — but hadn’t yet worked in the hangar. We cleaned and greased some bearings and checked some flight control trim tabs. He worked up a sweat and was a careful and good worker. Jason wrote down the items he had worked on for me to double check and was conscientious about safety. We talked about hangar safety, his Business Administration degree, his student loans, his time in New Zealand, and his desire to be a career pilot. At the end of the day he told me he wouldn’t be in the hangar the next day because he was going to be doing some simulator work. Just wanted to share with his family and friends how he was doing at work.

  4. Travis Ebersole,

    Jason fun a good man, always had a smile on his face and knew how to make people feel good or give them a good laugh. I didn’t know him that well, but had the priviledge of going to Hesston College and just recently Eastern Mennonite University. I know he was a good friend to people, and especially those he was close to. It was sad news to hear, and he will definitely be missed by many. I pray that God will comfort his family and his friends

  5. Rachel and John Fisher,

    Our deepest sympathy to you and the Marner family. May our Heavenly Father comfort you. Jesus loves you.

  6. Ron Stoltzfus,

    Jason graced our Investments class with a winning smile and brutal honesty about the topic of the day or the state of his preparation. We are deeply saddened by his untimely passing. He will remain in my memory as a very friendly and likable person. May God give us comfort as we grieve.

  7. Ken L. Nafziger,

    At around noon today (July 6), seven of the members of Jason’s New Zealand Cross-Cultural group gathered at EMU to travel by van with their faculty leaders Jim and Kathy Yoder, and to take home Jason’s mountain bike and other belongings in Andrea Yoder’s pick-up truck. As we paused for prayer with the group, I was reminded of the many who are traveling to be together to support one another as family and friends of Jason. Our prayers for safe travels go out from many of us at EMU to all who are traveling to and from Iowa the next several days since we know that on no trip, whether across town or around the world, can we take safety for granted.

  8. Bradley Kauffman,

    I think of Jason as a person who knew what was important to him and pursued it with irrepressible joy. He was consistently positive and fun to be around. There aren’t enough Jasons among us. I’m so sad to hear we’ve lost him. Peace, love, and strength to you Joann, Stan, David and Christopher.

  9. Val Metzler,

    I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to meet Jason and get to know him throughout the cross cultural to New Zealand this summer. From the first meeting I could tell that Jason would be a great addition to our group, as he always seemed to have a smile on his face, a jolly laugh, and a story to tell. Throughout the trip I was constantly thankful for Jason’s honestly articulated feelings and thoughts, his ability to be respectful and helpful, and his zest for life. I am deeply saddened that I will not get to know him as well as some of his close friends and family, and my heart goes out to those of you who knew him so closely. Jason… thanks for being almost like a brother to me, as I am sure you were for many others. I will certainly miss you and never forget the experiences we had together.

  10. Missi Moyer,

    I never really spent time with jason until this past spring break when i spent 30 hours driving to florida and back with him in his good old honda. He was too stubborn to let girls drive his car and he convinced us that he wanted to drive 15 hours strait. No acceptions. I never realized how great of a guy he was until i spent 15 hours to florida and 15 hours back with him. Rocking out to Garth Brooks, Brooks n dunn, eric church and so many more classic country singers! We belted out those songs loud and clear. He was a great guy and full of so much positive energy. I feel blessed to have known him! He is in a great place probably singing Eric church and watching each one of his concerts from heaven!

  11. Kathy Marner,

    May God be with all of Jason’s family and friends during this very difficult time. I did not know him, but feel so sad for the loss all of you are feeling. My prayers are with you.

  12. Terry L. Whitmore,

    As distance is measured/people do not end
    It is one of those stories that cannot be written down
    except across a lifetime of open doors
    There is a holding on beyond the letting go
    There is a reunion in everybody’s chest
    This is how we come to be a family
    This is how we light candles…

  13. Jered Lyons,

    My thoughts and prayers go out to Jason’s family and friends. Although I did not know Jason personally it saddened me to read about his accident on the website.

  14. Lillis Troyer,

    We were so blessed this past Spring to have Jason and other EMU students at our home in Sarasota, Florida during this past Spring break. We were very appreciative of the polite way all of them conducted themselves. Our grandson, Bryce Troyer was also in the group. Jason was Bryce’s roommate and was much beloved by Bryce and we are all saddened by the accident. May the parents and family find comfort with family and friends during the coming days.

    Levi & Lillis Troyer

  15. Steven E,

    “From the end of the earth I call to You when my heart is faint;
    Lead me to the rock that is higher than I.”

    I am sorry for your loss and hope God gives his family the strength to over come the loss and live life in a positive way.

  16. Howard Keim,

    We at Hesston College are saddened by the news of Jason’s untimely death. The thoughts and prayers of our board, faculty and staff are with the family and all those affected by this tragedy.

  17. Larry and Diane Kittle,

    Our thoughts and prayers are with Stan and Joann at this time. We have sweet memories of our boys growing up playing in the barn and on the Marner farm. We pray for God’s perfect peace at this very difficult time.

  18. Laura Stoltzfus,

    Jason was one of my best friends throughout high school and college. He was always there for me, could always make me laugh, and gave the best hugs! I feel so blessed to have had him in my life. I have made many memories with him that I will cherish forever. I miss you Jason and love you very much! I’ll see you again someday.

  19. Pam Gerig Unruh,

    Bounding, fun, vibrant are words that come to mind when I remember Jason. However, compassionate is the word that set him apart. Watching him with Christopher was how I wanted all of like to be: kind, fun, joyous, caring, loving…yes Jason had a lot to “tell” the world with the way he loved.
    There is a pray that I like that I think fits Jason well:
    “Let us live in such a way
    That when we die
    Our love will survive
    And continue to grow. Amen”
    (-Michael Luenig)

  20. Isaac Wyse,

    No guy stood by my side more over the last three years. I have so many memories in between our first time hanging out during R.A. training at Hesston and our last trip to Klines. He was a great friend, roommate, coworker, classmate, and most of all…he was like a brother. No one made me smile more or laugh harder. I’ll miss his crazy antics, his great sense of humor, and his quality friendship. My thoughts and prayers go to his family during this time. Jason…I miss you buddy and you will never be forgotten…but I’m sure our paths will cross again. Cheers mate…for a great adventure.

  21. Myrna Joy and Gary,

    Oh dear friends! A great sadness overwhelmed our entire family as the horrible news set in. Jason was gone. Memories came flooding back: The little “golden boy” that could talk a mile a minute as a little boy, could still engage in the best and happiest conversations! His golden-ness was reflected in his vibrant personality, in his eyes and contagious laughter and even in his hair… I loved it when if flowed long and golden in the sun, Mama Joann wasn’t so sure, but she loved her Jason, and knew his heart was pure. So… what was a head of hair? Jason was, and will continue to be, a treasure to you, Stan, Joann, David’s and Christopher, and a treasure to everyone who knew him. A precious son. A beloved friend. God indeed is more blessed today to have Jason at his side. We mourn with you this loss, and pray that the strength and peace of Jesus’ love will overflow into your hurting spirits. We love you all, and will be here for anything you need.

  22. Chad Hippen,

    I had the privilege of getting to know Jason through Youth of Faith at Faith Baptist Church (I was a youth sponsor.) and in having conversations with him when he worked at Hy-Vee in Washington, Iowa. Jason was a young man that always spoke to me when he had a minute. He would take the time to smile at you, tell jokes, and otherwise make you feel good about yourself. He had such a positive energy about him that was contagious. It seems as though he had that kind of impact on everyone! We will surely miss him, but look forward to the day we will reunite with him in heaven some day. God bless the Marner family as though go through this difficult time together. Praying for you all!

  23. Pastor Rocky Miller,

    I am sadden at the loss of Jason. I met him for a few minutes in March of 08′ at EMU following a chapel service when I told the story of my plane crash into the Atlantic Ocean . We were two pilots doing what pilots do…..talking about airplanes and flying and trading stories. We loved it and laughed together. We had a mutual friend, Luke, also a Hesston pilot. He was looking forward to getting into aviation and doing what he loved. I am grateful for the brief moments we shared talking about our passion of flying. My prayers and thoughts go out to his family and friends and the EMU community. Blessings and Strength.

  24. Susan Humphries,

    I never knew or met Jason, (I am Dynamic Airways employee) Just to see a picture of his genuinely wholesome face has brought me to shed many tears & my heart to ache for this fine young man and his family. I pray for peace & comfort for all of Jason’s Family and Friends in coping with their loss.

  25. Gloria Yoder,

    Our family is deeply saddened by Jason’s death. As one of his IMS math teachers, I concur with all the other responses about Jason’s quick smile, friendliness, zest for life, and respect for others. And working with Christopher a few years later, I saw how excited Christopher was when Jason was coming home for a visit and the rapport and loving care Jason showed his younger brother. Jason was also a good friend and classmate of my daughter Rebecca, both at IMS and EMU, and I feel for Stan and Joann as they grieve the loss of their son. Our prayers go out to the whole extended family.

  26. Philip Schroeder,

    I didn’t know Jason, but my son, also a new hire a Dynamic, had worked with Jason, “shoulder to shoulder” the day before in the shop. He was so glad to have found a friend with some common interests. This was devastating news for all of our family. Be sure of our prayers for the Marner family. May the “God of all comfort” hold you close in the difficult journey ahead.

  27. Loren Swartzendruber,

    A number of EMU faculty/staff/students gathered in Martin Chapel yesterday at 4:00 p.m. for prayers, Scripture reading, singing, sharing of memories, and lighting candles in honor Jason’s life among us. Two years ago yesterday we lost a recent graduate, Matthew Garber, and now Jason. Both young men with great potential and a zest for living. Both deaths, as with every death of a young person, bring many questions and overwhelming grief. We pray for the Marner family and Jason’s many friends as they walk through these difficult days together. May God give us all the strength and grace to live with the questions, even as we invite God’s Spirit to sustain and surround us.

  28. Basil Marin,

    One can only say it was a blessing to have known Jason personally. Jason had a way of connecting with everyone no matter what the situation was, he was always a joy to be around. Jason will be truly missed and never forgotten. I Pray God’s peace over the Marner family.

  29. A Friend From Goshen,

    I never met Jason, but I know many of my friends knew him well. From an extended family of care and support at Goshen College, I want his family and friends to know we are here, praying for your comfort from the good Lord through this difficult time. I can remember losing a good friend at GC not too long ago to another car accident, and this brings back memories of difficult loss. Trust in the Lord that he has brought Jason home to him and he is now among the angels watching over us and taking our care under his wings. Jason, you will be missed by many, and I am saddened our paths had not crossed yet. Take care of us down here, and I look forward to the day when we meet in heaven. Rest your soul.

  30. James Esther,

    Jason was such a wonderful person to be around. Looking back, I just feel inspired by how he lived his life. I remember him working hard on the most monotonous task and never complaining. I remember him coming to work light-headed from giving blood that morning. I remember him making everyone laugh at some variation of a Chuck Norris joke. I remember him talking about his time in New Zealand and his search for the elusive kiwi. As I go back through all of the random memories I have of him at work, I can’t help but smile every time I remember something else. He lived his life well, and we are all blessed to have known him.

  31. Dick & Pearl Lantz,

    We have known Jason only a couple short days, but have been privileged to meet him, and are truly sorry to hear of his sudden death. Last evening we met with Jason and a friend to finalize plans for an apartment rental in Bridgewater, and were looking forward to having him as a tenant and learning to know him better. We are saddened by his death, and extend our sympathies to his family and friends. Our prayers are with you.

  32. Sarah Lalk,

    My thoughts and prayers go out to Jason’s family. I’m so sorry for your loss.

  33. John Wilson,

    Everyone at the EMU Fitness Center who knew Jason are greatly saddened by the news today of his accident. Jason was always a pleasant person to be around with at the gym. He had a positive attitude and had a great smile. He will be sorely missed. I pray that God will comfort everyone who was close to him.

  34. Recent EMU grad dies in motorcyle accident | Augusta Free Press,

    […] Persons can respond to Jason’s life and death on a “reflections” blog at http://emu.edu/blog/reflections/jason-marner. […]

  35. Amy Birdsell,

    I was one of Jason’s flight instructors at Hesston College. The entire flight team was extremely saddened to hear of Jason’s death. We remember him as a fun loving person, yet serious about his dreams and goals. We want to extend our deepest sympathy to his family.

  36. Camron Conrad,

    Anyone that knew Jason would have enjoyed the moment. Jason was always full of smiles and excitement. I was fortunate enough to know Jason through Crooked Creek Christian Camp, and his family. Jason had a wonderful way of making things light and fun. He was a great son, brother, and friend to anyone that came in contact with him. The world has lost a great person, and the heavens have gained one of our best. We will all miss you Jason!

  37. Mary Forney,

    Having Jason in classes and dramas at IMS was a genuinely fun time. As mentioned and witnessed by many, Jason was always smiling, and was the one to bring light and joy in most situations. He had a respect for all, and cared for people with genuine love. What a wonderful guy who leaves precious memories. Strength and peace to Stan, Joann and all the Marners.

  38. Dogg,

    I had the privilege to work with Jason at Hesston. Jason was a good RA and he cared for his modmates. His sense of humor and quick wit were always a joy to be around. We in Residence Life are saddened by his death and our prayers go out to his family. We were blessed to have known him.

  39. Owen Byer,

    I had Jason as a student in Elementary Statistics. He was a fun student to have, always cheerful with a good sense of humor.

  40. Larry Swartzendruber,

    On behalf of the Iowa Mennonite School community, our thoughts and prayers go out to the Marner family and Jason’s many many friends. An ’06 graduate of IMS, I don’t recall many times where Jason DIDN’T have a smile on his face. He always seemed to be enjoying life! I also recall, with admiration and deep respect, Jason’s compassionate care and love for his brother Christopher . . . his patience and concern for Christopher’s well-being. He will be missed.

  41. Cody Peters,

    I was blessed to get to know Jason on our six week cross cultural in New Zealand. I had never met him before our group meetings, and getting to spend six weeks with such a fantastic man was something I’ll never forget. He was constantly smiling; quick to laugh; hilariously funny; and full of joy and compassion for others. He will be missed, but never forgotten. God bless you Jason.

  42. Jenisa Hanson,

    I was lucky to get to go to church and youth group with Jason. He was such a happy guy he could make anyone laugh and he was such a strong christian. My heart and prayers goes out to his family! I will look forward to seeing him in heaven some day!

  43. Ebon S.,

    I watched Jason grow up, and was blessed to know him and his family. Our hearts go out to whole Marner family. We will miss his smile and laugh, and all the fun he brought with him. Now I will have look forward to flying with him someday in a different way.

  44. Monica Miller,

    So very sad to hear that Jason died. What an outstanding, friendly young man. He will be missed by so many in the Kalona/Washington community.

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