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“Indigenous Worldview:Values and Christianity” — Cheryl Bear

& University Chapels.

University Chapel: Cheryl Bear ’s First Nation community is Nadleh Whut’en First Nation in British Columbia, Canada, and she is from the Bear Clan. She is a multi award winning singer, songwriter and storyteller who shares stories of Indigenous life; the joy, sorrow, faith and journey. Cheryl travels to First Nations communities sharing songs of healing and… Read more »

“Promised Land and Planet with Promise” – Holmes Rolston III

& University Chapels.

Holmes Rolston, III is the university distinguished professor of philosophy at Colorado State University, a Templeton prize winner and Gifford lecturer and author of seven books. He addressed University Chapel with, “Promised Land and Planet with Promise.” Ancient Palestine was a promised land. Landscapes east and west, north and south, on six continents have… Read more »

“Exploring Call” – Jordan Luther & Andrea De Avila Balboa

& Student Speakers, University Chapels.

How are you searching out clarity of your call in life? Jordan Luther and Andrea De Avila Balboa share from their participation in the Ministry Inquiry Program this past summer. The Ministry Inquiry Program is an exciting opportunity of Mennonite Church USA for college-age young adults to explore pastoral ministry. The program offers the… Read more »

“Where is God?” – Students Share Experiences

& Student Speakers, University Chapels.

Where have you seen God this week? Through video storytelling and communal singing, Pastoral Assistants and other students launch a journey of noticing and naming God’s presence among us.

“Homecoming Chapel” — Isabel Castillo ’07

& Homecoming, University Chapels.

Homecoming Chapel: Still in her 20s, Isabel Castillo ’07 is already a nationally recognized leader of the immigration-law reform movement in the United States. She was the commencement speaker at the University of San Francisco, was called one of “the 21 brave thinkers of 2011” by Atlantic magazine, and was featured prominently in the… Read more »

“Abide in My Love” – Ken Medema

& "Love One Another", Spiritual Life Week, University Chapels.

Closing Spiritual Life Week, guest musician Ken Medema focuses on the theme “Abide in My Love.” Abide in My Love: Every home needs work. What does our “home” work look like? Stories: What makes it hard to love? Though blind from birth, Ken sees and hears with heart and mind, custom-designing every musical moment… Read more »

“Do What You Love and Please God” – Ken Medema

& "Love One Another", Chapel Gathering in the Seminary, Spiritual Life Week.

The Seminary Community and others gather to hear EMU Spiritual Life Week guest Ken Medema focus on the theme “Do What You Love and Please God.” How do we imagine God’s will for our lives? Though blind from birth, Ken sees and hears with heart and mind, custom-designing every musical moment of his performance… Read more »

“Abide in My Love” – Ken Medema

& "Love One Another", Spiritual Life Week, University Chapels.

Jesus said to his friends, make your home in my love. What does it mean to be at home in this love? Stories: A place that they felt at home. Ken Medema opens the Fall 2013 Spiritual Life Week chapel with the theme “Abide in My Love.” Though blind from birth, Ken sees and… Read more »

“Love One Another” — Hymn Sing

& "Love One Another", Faculty/Staff Speakers, University Chapels.

Matthew Hunsberger leads a Hymn Sing of requests submitted by members of the EMU community by e-mail earlier this week.  The selections center around the theme “Love One Another.”

“The Orthodox Heretic” – Peter Rollins

& University Chapels.

Peter Rollins, a widely traveled and prominent emerging church theologian, hails from Ireland. His current speaking engagements focus on the theme: To believe is human; to doubt divine. He is the author of numerous books, most recently The Idolatry of God.