University Chapels

“Sending for Service” – (Y-Trips)

& Student Speakers, University Chapels.

This last chapel before Spring Break focuses on Spring Break Y-Trips as Krista Rittenhouse, Andrew Penner, Ardi Hermawan, and Dylan Bomgardner answer the question “Why serve?” Hear and support those who are using their time away from campus to serve others: Jubilee Partners (intentional Christian community offering hospitality to refugees) in Comer, GA – Krista… Read more »

“The Most Important Thing you Can Learn in a Christian University” – Ervin Stutzman

& University Chapels.

Hear what Dr. Ervin Stutzman, Executive Director of Mennonite Church USA and former dean of Eastern Mennonite Seminary, suggests is the most important thing you can learn in a Christian university.  This chapel concludes the major public events of Ervin’s two-day visit to the University to engage various groups on campus, including a Q&A… Read more »

“More on Abundant Life” – Jon Swartz & Pastoral Assistants

& Abundant Life, Student Speakers, University Chapels.

Explore another perspective on Abundant Life as follow up to Spiritual Life Week. Jon Swartz, a CJP and Seminary student who is serving as an intern in campus ministries, offers a response.

“Intersection of My Career Path Related to Faith and Service” — Leah Kratz & Tony Smith

& Faculty/Staff Speakers, University Chapels.

As part of a broader university focus on Career & Service Day, undergraduate academic departments hosted chapel gatherings in various locations scattered across campus. In this podcast, Business and Economics faculty Leah Kratz and Tony Smith share stories and reflections on their own personal sense of vocation and how their calling has shaped and continues… Read more »

“SLW Chapel: Abundant Life – for Real?” – Amanda Garber

& Abundant Life, Spiritual Life Week, University Chapels.

Consider just how real abundant life can be for us with pastor Amanda Garber who was on campus for Spiritual Life Week. Amanda Miller Garber was born and raised in the beautiful Roanoke Valley of Virginia. She holds degrees from the University of Virginia, James Madison University, and Duke Divinity School. She currently serves… Read more »

“Abundant Life for All” – Amanda Garber

& Abundant Life, Chapel Gathering in the Seminary, Spiritual Life Week.

This Chapel Gathering in the Seminary is led by pastor Amanda Garber, along with EMS students associated with RISE, a new faith community in the Harrisonburg area.   Abundant Life for all is the theme for the University’s Spring Spiritual Life Week, and Amanda is the featured guest speaker. Amanda Miller Garber was born… Read more »

“SLW Chapel: Unpacking Abundant Life” – Amanda Garber

& Abundant Life, University Chapels.

Launch into unpacking Abundant Life for all, the theme for Spiritual Life Week, with pastor Amanda Garber. Amanda Miller Garber was born and raised in the beautiful Roanoke Valley of Virginia. She holds degrees from the University of Virginia, James Madison University, and Duke Divinity School. She currently serves as the pastor of RISE,… Read more »

“Camp Day chapel” – CC Greeting Hall

& Faculty/Staff Speakers, Student Speakers, University Chapels.

Camp Day Chapel gathered in the Campus Center greeting hall, surrounded by representatives from  camp organizations from several states.  Athletic department chair Lester Zook shared about EMU’s Wilderness Seminar program, accompanied by three students who participated in the experience last summer.

“Eradicating child-slavery, advocating for children’s rights” – Jean-Robert Cadet

& University Chapels.

Peace Fellowship hosts Jean-Robert Cadet for a chapel forum. Jean-Robert Cadet, a former Haitian child-slave, is now working to eradicate child-slavery in his native country. Jean-Robert is an advocate for children’s rights all over the world – working closely with the UN multiple times to form anti-human-trafficking policies and statements, the US Congress, the… Read more »

“Abundant Life” – Steve Kriss

& Abundant Life, Faculty/Staff Speakers, University Chapels.

Living the abundant life means taking your questions to heart. Associate Director of Pastoral Studies for EMU’s STEP Program in Lancaster, PA, Steve Kriss is a pastor, student, teacher, and follower of Jesus living in Philadelphia. He’s studied communication and continues to write a column for Mennonite World Review frequently. As a pastor, Steve… Read more »