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Cross-cultural Chapel: Guatemala & Colombia

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The returning Spring 2013 Guatemala & Colombia Cross-cultural group shares reflections and adventures from their experiences in Guatemala and Colombia this semester.

“Just One, One, One” – Lana Miller

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As a finalist for the position of undergraduate campus pastor, Lana Miller has shaped a chapel service around her message entitled, “Just One, One, One.” ——- Lana Miller is an EMS graduate who served as interim campus pastor at EMU in 2007-08. Lana and her husband Andy recently served with MCC in Cambodia with… Read more »

“Parents Just Don’t Understand” – James Ellis III

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As a finalist for the position of undergraduate campus pastor, James Ellis III has shaped a chapel service with a message entitled, “Parents Just Don’t Understand,” taken from Genesis 27:12-13 ——- James Ellis, III is an ordained Baptist minister who describes himself as “Christian by conviction, Baptist by tradition, and ecumenical in spirit.” James… Read more »

Inside Athletics: April 19, 2013

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In this week’s “Inside Athletics” podcast, James gives a quick summary of the end of the regular season for our spring sports, plus what to look for in the upcoming ODAC Tournaments.  Then Cross Country/Track & Field Coach Jason Lewkowicz joins for an in-depth look at the flow of the entire year for his… Read more »

Student Recognition Chapel

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University Chapel Gathering emphasizes the university’s vision of being a Learning Community as faculty and staff in several departments celebrate significant achievements of students during the Spring semester.

“Strong Trees of Faith” – Carmen Schrock-Hurst

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As a finalist for the position of undergraduate campus pastor, Carmen Schrock-Hurst has shaped a chapel service entitled Strong Trees of Faith and speaks on this theme as well. ——- Carmen Schrock-Hurst is an ordained Mennonite minister and current instructor in the EMU Bible and Religion department. She holds a MA of Theology from… Read more »

“Fact or Fiction? Friend or Foe? A Personal Journey of Coming to Peace with Evolution” – Darrel Falk

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(The second link is the afternoon Science Seminar by Dr. Falk) This Chapel talk describes the personal process of overcoming the painful cognitive dissonance that can easily impact the life of a Christian who loves the sciences, and entering into a joy-filled celebration of the beauty of science and faith united in Christ. Dr…. Read more »

“Reflections on Spiritual Journey at EMU” – EMU Seniors

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Undergraduate seniors share reflections on their spiritual journeys in light of the EMU mission, vision and shared values related to faith and discipleship. Worship Leaders: Julia Schmidt, Darian Harnish Speakers: Emily Harnish, Kiersten Rossetto, Nels Akerson, Bekah Enns, Taylor Weidman Saxphone: James Souder

“Finishing Strong, Ending Well” – Dave King

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Director of Athletics, Dave King, reflects on Finishing Strong and Ending Well as we approach the end of the semester and the beginning of whatever is next. He is joined by athletes Keyla Baltimore and Dan Nafziger, and men’s basketball coach Kirby Dean.

“Singing Easter!” – Ken J. Nafziger

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Dr. Ken J. Nafziger leads a hymn sing focusing on the Resurrection.