“The Quiet in the Land” – David Kline

& University Chapels.

Who are and what is the quiet in the land? David Kline offers his perspective.

David Kline is an Amish farmer, naturalist, and writer. He and his family farm 120 acres and operate a 45-cow organic dairy near Mt. Hope, Ohio, that blends older traditional methods with newer technologies in a manner that is environmentally friendly and profitable. This lifestyle supports not only families and caring communities, but also a people comfortable with themselves.

David is the author of three books, Great Possessions (1990), Scratching the Woodchuck (1997) and Letters from Larksong (2010), and is an editor for Farming Magazine, a quarterly publication supporting small-scale and profitable family farming.

Farming Magazine sprung from a desire to give a voice of hope to small-scale farmers across the nation and foster a strong connection between farm families and urban-dwelling families who desire delicious wholesome food. The magazine also celebrates the joys of farming well and living well on an ecologically conscious scale. The magazine is created in the spirit of stewardship for the earth and regard for its inhabitants.

In this chapel address, he discusses Norman Rockwell’s “County Agent” painting.  Chapel concludes with an announcement about the Student Life department’s Screen-free Sabbath initiative, including a humorous video featuring a discussion between all of EMU’s Presidents.