Global Warming and the Risen LORD – Rev. Jim Ball

& University Chapels.

Rev. Jim Ball speaks in University Chapel on Global Warming and the Risen LORD: Christian Discipleship and Climate Change from his award winning book by the same title.

Global Warming and the Risen LORD moves beyond the old debates about climate change to a new conversation focusing on the tremendous opportunities there are and the biblical and spiritual resources we have been given to meet this threat. A major focus of the book is the deep biblical basis for our engagement with global warming. Filled with inspirational stories and sobering scientific research, Rev. Ball shows us that global warming is one of the major challenges of our time, but one that can be overcome by following the Risen LORD.

The book has recently been recognized by Hearts and Minds as one of the Best Books of 2010 in the category of social engagement.

Rev. Jim Ball Ph.D. serves as Executive Vice President for Policy, Climate Campaign for the Evangelical Environmental Network.