“Paul, Apostle of Nonviolence” – Dr. Michael J. Gorman

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Michael J. Gorman, Ph.D., is Dean of the Ecumenical Institute of Theology and Professor of Sacred Scripture at St. Mary’s Seminary & University in Baltimore, Maryland, USA, where he has taught since 1991. He is a New Testament scholar who specializes especially in the letters, theology, and spirituality of the apostle Paul.  He received the M.Div. and the Ph.D. cum laude in New Testament from Princeton Theological Seminary in New Jersey, where he was also a teaching fellow in New Testament and an instructor in New Testament Greek.

EMU’s Bible & Religion department sponsors this annual Justice Lectureship event.  This first of two lectures by Dr. Gorman is followed by a response by Linford Stutzman, EMU/EMS Associate Professor of Culture & Mission, as well as a Q&A response involving members of the audience.

One Response to ““Paul, Apostle of Nonviolence” – Dr. Michael J. Gorman”

  1. Bible Verses

    I’ve seen Dr. Gorman speak before years back when in Baltimore. I very much enjoyed his deeply educated perspectives on the New Testament. I felt his perspective to carry the richness of the soul tempered through his extensive research and studies on the scriptures.