“Today salvation has come to this house” – Dr. Bruno Dyck

& Chapel Gathering in the Seminary.

Dr. Bruno Dyck speaks in Chapel Gathering in the Seminary, drawing from Luke 19:1-11

Bruno Dyck, ’82, holds a PhD in business from the University of Alberta and is a professor at the University of Manitoba. Dyck will present on a book he is writing, “Luke on Management.” His research looks at the role of values on how organizations learn and change. In addition, Dyck has researched church and related organizations, including MEDA, Mennonite Central Committee and various church conflicts.

Dyck’s work has been published by Business Ethics Quarterly, Case Research Journal, Journal of Business Venturing, Journal of Developmental Entrepreneurship and the Journal of Management Studies.

Chapel Gathering services held in Martin Chapel at Eastern Mennonite Seminary are planned by the Seminary community but open to all.