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Sharing an anniversary with 9/11

STAR was born from the ashes of 9/11. Who can forget the haunting images of that September day, the sky balmy, the smoke rising? Soon after, Church World Service asked Eastern Mennonite University’s Center for Justice and Peacebuilding (CJP) to design a trauma training program for civil society leaders of all faiths whose communities, in ...More

STAR: Energy, Exhaustion, and Excitement

Energy, exhaustion and excitement filled my body, brain and spirit as I returned home last Friday afternoon after a week-long STAR II training on the campus at Eastern Mennonite University. The excitement was from finishing another successful training and hearing the action plans of the participants that morning outlining how they planned to use the ...More

Director, practice & training institute

Janice “Jan” Jenner, MA ’99 Harrisonburg, Virginia Jan Jenner is outranked only by Howard Zehr for being the longest-serving full-time employee currently at CJP. Over the last 13 years, she has been a student, grant writer, administrator, book author, and teacher at CJP. She and her husband Hadley formerly served with Mennonite Central Committee in ...More

Rep., Mennonite Central Committee

Randy Puljek-Shank, MA ’99 Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina Based in Amela’s home country of Bosnia-Herzegovina, Randy and Amela Puljek-Shank have spent the last eight years devoted to healing the harms caused by the horrific warfare that occurred in the early 1990s across what was formerly Yugoslavia, and to preventing such horrors from happening again. They are also ...More

Peace Corps program & training specialist for Africa

Krista Rigalo, MA ’00 Arlington, Virginia Krista Rigalo arrived at EMU in the fall of 1998 with considerable international experience. She already held a master’s degree in agricultural education and had focused on agriculture in the Philippines as a Peace Corps volunteer there in the late 1980s and early 1990s. In the mid-1990s, as a ...More

The Power of STAR (Strategies for Trauma Awareness and Resilience)

Of all the programs offered by EMU’s Center for Justice and Peacebuilding (CJP), the 8-year-old STAR program is emerging as the must-do one. Willroy Grant of Costa Rica returned to Eastern Mennonite University this September (’09) for a week-long STAR experience, even though he holds a master’s degree in conflict transformation from CJP and has ...More

Expanding Galaxy of STARs

Founded initially as a program to assist religious leaders and other caregivers in New York after 9/11, the demand for STAR is growing so fast, program director Elaine Zook Barge spends much of her time identifying and training new facilitators for STAR.