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Jeremy Simons

Indigenous Peoples and Transitional Justice peacebuilder, Mindano, Philippines Jeremy Simons has been a peace builder in Mindanao, Philippines since 2008, where he focuses on Indigenous Peoples peacemaking and Transitional justice. Prior to that he was a community oganizer and restorative justice mediator in inner city Denver where he helped started a community court and brought ...More

MPI, 2000: Growing Branches from a Healthy Tree Trunk

The origins of the first peacebuilding institute in Asia can be traced to a conversation in the home of John Paul and Wendy Lederach when they lived near EMU in 1998. John Paul was then the visionary behind EMU’s 4-year-old Summer Peacebuilding Institute (SPI). Myla Leguro recalls joining seven other Filipinos around the Lederachs’ dining ...More