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Jacqueline Sakho

Jacqueline Roebuck Sakho

Victim Outreach Specialist As a Restorative Justice (RJ) Practitioner, I am a Victim Outreach Specialist contracted by the courts in capital murder cases to be a bridge builder between the defense team and the surviving family members’ justice needs. (Read more about Jaqualine’s work: Restorative Justice Network of African Americans Peacebuilder Magazine, Fall/Winter 2009/10) For my ...More

Restorative Justice Network of African Americans

Four years ago, Jacqueline Roebuck Sakho, MA ’09, was working as the faith-based outreach coordinator for the Division of Corrections in Shelby County, which surrounds Memphis, Tennessee. She tried to do things to help families stay in touch with each other, such as get the National Association of Baptist Women to provide cakes for children’s birthday ...More