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Florina Immaculate Mary Benoit

Florina Immaculate Mary Benoit

Assistant Manager for Industrial Social Work, Training and Development Section, Loyola College December 2008: After completing my PhD in social work, I also terminated my position at the Henry Martyn Institute and came back to Chennai to be with Ashok. Currently, I am working asĀ Assistant Manager for Industrial Social Work, Training and Development Section, in ...More

Sayed Abrar Hussain

Syed Abrar Hussain

December 2008: I am back in the US as a student, doing my MBA from Wharton, University of Pennsylvania. I am happy to be back here for study. This time my wife and son are with me here in Philadelphia.

Jennifer Jag Jivan

Jennifer Christine Jag Jivan

Educational Consultant and Trainer 2009: Since last year I was engaged in developing a “peace and media” curriculum for university students for an organization funded by USIP. I tested it with a number of university students and in different places/universities. This summer semester it was introduced for the very first time in Pakistan. F.C. College ...More

All Are Staying in the Holy Land: On Moving From Victimhood to Mutual Dignity

This essay represents an excellent follow-up to the fall/winter 2012 issue of Peacebuilder magazine (both print and online), containing articles on the work of Fadi Rabieh and 24 other CJP alumni in the Middle East. In this essay, Rabieh offers a broad view of the steps Israelis and Palestinians must take to achieve peace. I ...More