Jennifer Christine Jag Jivan

Educational Consultant and Trainer

2009: Since last year I was engaged in developing a “peace and media” curriculum for university students for an organization funded by USIP. I tested it with a number of university students and in different places/universities.

This summer semester it was introduced for the very first time in Pakistan. F.C. College (a chartered university) ran it as a 3 credit semester course in the mass communication department. Other universities are very much interested.

USIP has had this curriculum reviewed by their panel of experts and found it extremely thorough and highly adaptable.They have sought permission to share it in Afghanistan. So we have, of course, given permission. Some books being used are by John Paul Lederach and Lisa Schirch. (As the students’ English is not very good, they find it difficult and are asking if I could sumarise some of it for them).

My Center for Justice and Peacebuilding colleagues, Kamal Tipu and Ali Gohar, were present for the very first consultation meeting towards building a peace curriculum.

So thanks to EMU and all my professors who brought me to this stage. And other than that, I am busy with theological, educational workshops, lectures, and human rights issues.

2006: After returning to Pakistan, I started working on a project for strengthening teachers’ network and support systems, and all the issues and problems related to teachers to be brought to the policy makers. The project aims that a certain percentage of teachers must be represented when policies and plans are made. This is currently missing in the education policy plans here. This project is the first of its kind in Pakistan . (There are a lot of other details related to it).

The place is very friendly and I have made many new friends. On the 25th we are holding a Consultative Workshop from policy makers at the government level, to NGOs, Teachers’ Unions and Associations, and educationists.

I am also holding many sessions in various cities in Pakistan on “introduction to conflict and peacebuilding.” People are being drawn to it, and I am getting various invitations from groups to hold such sessions.

I am really liking my work, and I am so happy to be back. That does not mean that I have forgotten EMU. The beautiful memories, friends and experiences will always stay with me. EMU has become a part of me.