Dawn Miller Sander

Client Business Manager in the Harrisonburg office of AT&T.

I am currently pursuing an organizational ombudsman opportunity since my graduation from CJP in December 2010. I completed a research practicum that focused on qualitative interviews with organizational ombudsmen spanning government, corporate, and education sectors. The research identified the similarities and differences within ombudsman offices; all interviewees are members of the IOA and the IOA sets the standard for organizational ombudsman offices and is recognized worldwide.

I am involved with the International Ombudsman Association and successfully passed the IOA certification exam in October 2010. The organizational ombudsman works to handle conflict at the lowest possible level within an organization. The cornerstones include neutrality, confidentiality, independence, and informality.

My CJP education, especially the practice expertise, and my involvement with the IOA will surely assist me in obtaining an organizational ombudsman position.