Christa Pierpont

Director of the Restorative Community Foundation

The Restorative Community Foundation was established in 2005 to invite a city to re-vision the costs of their current policies. It draws from the Centre for Justice and Reconciliation’s RJ City model and the established work of Genesee Justice in Genesee, New York.

The Restorative Community Foundation has been working on behalf of integrated reforms while supporting national legislation such as the Justice Reinvestment Act, the Youth Promise Act, and the Restorative Justice in Schools Act.

I am supporting the RJ City concept in its planning stages for San Diego, CA’s City Heights. City Heights is one of the most ethnically diverse neighborhoods in San Diego. The City Heights project hopes to be able to work closely with community police, the schools and other agencies who serve this population in their bid to become a restorative community model.

The Restorative Community Foundation continues to be committed to the difficult yet necessary tasks of integrated justice reforms in cities that hope to become a model for teaching others how to re-vision justice.

I expanded my work to Africa through contacts with a fellow student at CJP, Samuel Kawlila of Zambia. With my introduction and support, Samuel helped strengthen CURE International as they are moving to energize justice reforms in Africa.