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Leaders Given ‘Keys’ to Transformation at 76th SLT

Key resource speaker Pat Keifert calls on persons to "dwell with the stranger and learn from him" in a presentation at the School for Leadership Training. Photo by Jim Bishop A sense of expectancy pervaded Ma ...More

Seminary Cites Veteran Pastor for Ministry Work

John and Betty Drescher at the recognition ceremony held during the School for Leadership Training at Eastern Mennonite Seminary. Photo by Jim Bishop A widely-known pastor, prolific author and speaker on marriage and family life issues was cited ...More

Seminary Conference to Highlight ‘Transformed Congregations’

"Dwelling in God ...More

Anabaptist Teachers Confer, Plan Future Meetings

A group of people with a passion for teaching preachers in the Anabaptist tradition met Jan. 22-23, 2004, at Eastern Mennonite Seminary. The meeting, called by EMS dean Ervin R. S ...More

School for Leadership Training 2004 Promotes Strong Preaching

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Leadership School to Promote Preaching

Dr. John Kinney ...More