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After two years as Recyclemania runner-up, EMU wins the top state ranking in campus community recycling contest

For the last four years, Eastern Mennonite University has finished as runner-up in the state rankings of colleges and universities participating in the national Recyclemania contest. But not in 2015. This year, EMU surged to the top of the Virginia recycling competitors – regaining the crown it has previously held in 2008. EMU ...More

EMU in top 20 percent of nation in recycling competition

By Brooke Fansler, EMU class of 2012 (English major) EMU placed 28th in the “waste minimization” category out of 510 colleges and universities in a nationwide recycling challenge called “Recylemania” held during spring semester. That percentage “is the most comprehensive indicator of how well a school manages its waste, as it inherently inclu ...More

EMU Cloth Shopping Bags Available in Common Grounds

The reusable shopping bags are now available for purchase in Common Grounds coffeehouse. EMU-branded cloth shopping bags, first made available in December, are now on sale in Common Grounds coffeehouse for only $7. The idea ...More

Students Make Fashion Statement with Trash Wardrobes

By Kelly Jasper, Daily News-Record EMU students and Cyndi Gusler, a professor at EMU, put on the Winter 2007 Collection of Reclaimed Fashion, otherwise known as the “trash fashion show”. ...More

EMU Cloth Shopping Bags Go Quickly

The reusable shopping bags will be available for purchase on Dec. 12 after chapel and during lunch. Be green this Christmas season with EMU-branded cloth shopping bags, available beginning Wednesday, Dec. 12, for only $7. The idea of reusable bags grew out of regular meetings of the ...More

Environmental Expert to Speak on Campus

David Orr is the Paul Sears Distinguished Professor of Environmental Studies and Politics at Oberlin (Ohio) College. David Orr, a renowned authority on sustainability issues, will speak twice at EMU on Friday, Nov. 9. He will speak at ...More

Recycle By Cycle

By Heather Bowser, Daily News-Record Some people ride bikes just for fun. Some people ride bikes just for exercise. But two people at Eastern Mennonite University ride bikes just for work – hard work. ...More