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Exploring Restorative Justice: Peacebuilders, crime victims and ex-prisoners

Crime victims, offenders and communities share a stake in restorative justice. At the just-completed Summer Peacebuilding Institute at EMU, two courses brought stakeholders face-to-face. A former Virginia prisoner studied with peacebuilders from around the world in a May course, “Restorative Justice: The Promise, the Challenge.” ...More

On Abu Ghraib and war itself: See through relativism of abuse

By Earl Martin and Pat Hostetter Martin As religious pacifists, we have grieved deeply – with the rest of the world – over the images of dehumanization that have emerged from the Abu Ghraib prison. We want to avert our eyes from those images and tell ourselves that these horrendous abuses did not really happen. But they did happen. And, anguished as we are, we mu ...More