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Nancy Sims

Eastern Mennonite Among Nation’s Seminaries Seeing A Boom In Boomers

Nancy Sims doesn’t hesitate to raise her hand in class at Eastern Mennonite Seminary. She also doesn’t mind taking the lead in small-group discussions. Sims, a part-time student, looks comfortable jotting down notes and engaging her professors and classmates, even if some are less than half her age. The 65-year-old social worker from Sugar Grove, W.Va., humbly ack ...More

Teens Get Jump on Spiritual Growth

When she first learned about LEAP, Hannah Beachy saw a chance to take two trips at the same time. ‘I heard a lot of good things ...More

They Just Keep On Coming

EMU senior Mark Risser, 22, of Orrville, Ohio, sings at the university’s coffee shop, the Common Grounds, Monday night. Risser is one of 21 members of his family to attend EMU. Most were involved in music. P ...More

Conference to Examine Christians’ Relationship to the State

How do Christians in the “Believers Church” tradition, living in a democracy that is the world ...More

Seminary Students Cited for Research Work

Left to right: Aram DiGennaro, Linden M. Wenger, seminary dean Ervin R. Stutzman and Annie Lengacher. Photo by Phil Helmuth EMS has annou ...More